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Click here and welcome to my world: Wrestling domination, fantasy wrestling, role play, FEMALE SUPREMACY, TALL WOMEN, Giantess Amazon, tall and strong Super Mistress for SM sessions

Tall Super Giantess Amazon from Brazil:

Mistress Natasha Leonna

Europe Tour 



Since some guys prefer not doing advanced deposit and book a session then cancel it or simply don't appear, I will not include their cities in my tour again unfortunately. Because it is a big trip from Brazil to Europe and unfortunately there are a lot of time wasters and scammers, I need to ask for a deposit of only 50 Euros  and I will not accept last minute bookings to avoid the deposit. I have my own references very well known in the scene and I have my reputation to preserve since I have plans to do continuos tours in Europe and USA. So don't worry about me I can guarantee. My reputation worth much more than 50 Euros.

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Below is a sample of the three videos that I have uploaded on Session Girls. In total the  three videos have almost 30 minutes. To watch them, go on and search for Natasha Leonna 

Book your session in advance to not loose The oportunity of a unique experience with a real brazilian giantess


Sao Paulo/Brazil - September 18th to October 23rd
Instambul - October 25th
Instambul - October 26th
Paris - October 27th
Paris - October 28th
London - October 29th
London - October 30th
Stockholm - October 31st
Stockholm - November 1st
Milan - November 2nd
Milan - November 3rd
Athens - November 4th
Athens - November 5th
Rome - November 6th
Cologne - November 7th
Zurich - November 8th
Zurich - November 9th
Frankfurt - November 10th
Paris - November 11th
Paris - November 12th
Sao Paulo/Brazil - November 15th to December 23rd


* Semi competitive and Fantasy Wrestling
* Feats of strenght
* SM Sensual Domination and Fetish

For updates (new photos and videos) follow me 

Giantess Mistress Nat

Naturally super strong and beautiful! 

50% brazilian and 50% polish

See bellow some comments from who had sessions with me. 


Height 1,75m (almost 1,90m with high heels)

Weigth 109kg

Chest: 100cm

Breast: 116

Thigh: 76cm

Biceps: 38cm (41 flexing)

Forearm: 30

Shoulders: 118

Hip: 130cm

Shoes: 10 

Calves: 48

Wrist: 17

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Contact: only by e-mail or



I’m Natasha, I'm tall and very strong Brazilian Amazon, offering fantasy wrestling and domination BDSM as Mistress.

According prior arrangement and invitation, I’m available for travels anywhere in Europe and beyond.  

My Session 

Lift and carry until 90kg all positions

Domination and fetish: see more on

Role play

Holds of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and Ninjutsu (pression points)

Semi competitive and Fantasy Wrestling 

Fantasy Boxing, phisical domination

Height and strength comparison

Muscle worship


Feats of strength 

Belly punching 


Additional Information  

Since 2009 I am doing sessions in Brazil and had a very great tour in Europe during april and May. 2018 and in USA last August. I have other tours already scheduled to return to USA, Canada, India, Dubai, Australia, Chile and Uruguay.

Fluent english and portuguese.

Sessions will be done in my hotel.

I am blue belt bjj. Competitive wrestling will be possible only in studios with mats.


Empress Mistress Natasha Leonna:


I challenge you!

Hope to see you soon.